I consider and treat a vessel as an object of everyday life. At the same time it is a clay-body, a container, a three-dimensional sculpture and as such part of an artistic discourse where it serves as a medium of several symbolic meanings.

I’m strongly attracted to color, structure and material. I’m experimenting with surface, brushstrokes, lines, and printing techniques

I explore the possibilities of creating my own color range for ceramics, using slips and stains. I draw with grafit pencils and use glazes on an earthenware white claybody. Experimenting with a monoprint laser technique, I add photographic images into my ceramic work.  

I like to play with male and female images. Gender studies break up old role patterns and our thinking about femininity or masculinity changes noticeably.  Clichés dissolve but at the same time solidify.

What are the current attitudes towards emancipation of women and men and liberation from gender stereotypes? Is there still the dominance of the “male view” defining women as an object of desire?

The image of one’s own body is subject to fluctuating, historical and social influences.

Digitalisation today has a major impact on a changing body and self-image. So-called influencers on the internet suggest aesthetic norms and codes based on what a supposedly ideal body should look like. Body parts are manipulated, operated on, enlarged, reduced, trained. The societal discourse on how a body should or should not be creates enormous social pressure and decides on the question of belonging or exclusion.